Summer Camp Checklist

  • Are all officers and Volunteers Screened and have a Navy League of Canada card?
  • Do you have transportation planned?
  • Cadet forms are sent to Commanding Officer of camp by 30 May.
  • Has your branch sent the cadet's camp fees to Division?
  • Are you using all current forms, and paperwork for your cadets and volunteers?
  • Have all your officers and volunteers submitted their camp selections?
  • If there are any changes in the number of cadets that you want to bring to camp please communicate all changes and request with the Commanding Officer (she is the only one that can approve changes).
  • Do you have a contact that will be in the city during camp that will have nominal role and that camp can contact in event of an emergency

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the required actions and information above, please contact the Camp Comand team as soon as possible.

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The Navy League of Canada Saskatchewan Division