Corps Commanding Officers

Hello, Commanding Officers and Branch members!


Summer Camp will be from 14 - 20 July 2019. With Camp set-up starting on 12 July 2019!


This year we will be accepting 76 cadets to camp. This is down from previous years because of fire regulations and how many bunk beds we are allowed to fit into the barracks. The cost of camp this year will be $200 per cadet.


Each Corp will be given the ratios of girls to guys to bring at the beginning of April. If there are any changes you would like to make to these numbers you MUST talk to the Commanding Officer of camp to make these changes.


30 May 2019 is the deadline for all cadet forms. We will be having a meeting shortly after this date to input data and make divisions, assign bunks, as well as prepare for medical conditions. It makes the command team’s job extremely stressful and sometimes difficult if we do not have all forms beforehand. Last year we ran into troubles on accommodating meal requirements because of late forms.


We also ask that all corps use the updated forms located under required documents. When all cadets use the same forms it streamlines the process of inputting data and checking for medical history.


Please take your time reviewing the required documents section as well as deadlines.


We ask that all corps send at least two (2) volunteers. All Volunteers that are sent must have a Navy League of Canada Volunteer card. You are the one responsible for ensuring they are cleared. This is not up to the camps XO and CO to take care of.


Like last year there will only be general training divisions with a mixture of all ranks and ages. There are no camp selections for cadets.


Camp Set-Up starts on the 12 July 2019. Any officers and volunteers that wish to come help get camp ready are welcome to, even if you cannot attend camp itself. Set-up not only allows the officers to prepare for the cadets, it is also used as team building. We ask that all that are coming to set-up to let the command team know so we can order the appropriate amount of food. You do not have to be there on the 16th, you can join us at any time. We only ask that all that join us are 19 years old or older.

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