How to Prepare for Summer Camp

Home Sickness Tips

  • Have your cadet have sleep over’s at friends or family members before hand
  • Have the cadets bring a journal and pencil so they can jot down all the fun stuff they do


  • Have cadet pack with you, so they know what they have as well as know how to pack at the end of camp

  • Have the kit list with you while you pack so you do not forget anything

  • Mark all of the cadet’s items with a permanent marker

  • Do not pack valuables to bring. There is a chance that things could get dirty, stolen or lost

  • It is alright to bring stuffed animals, but please only bring 1 or 2.

  • Use appropriate kit bags. Please do not send anything in plastic garbage bags

  • Water shoes are very important in preventing injury while sailing and canoeing. The water shoes can be as simple as an old pair of sneakers. We do ask that you send a closed toe pair of shoes.

  • Make sure you mark water shoes as well. This item is usually the one thing at camp that 10 cadets will have the same of



  • All medication will be handed into the medical officer

  • Medication MUST be in original packaging. No pill dispensers. If it is not in original packaging we WILL NOT hand out the medication

  • The pharmacist will put medication in to bubble packs if asked. Bubble packs make things simpler for the medical officer allowing them to see when and what needs to be taken while still having all medication information there

  • Make sure there is enough medication for 7 days!

Educate Cadets on the Importance of Drinking Water

  • Being well hydrated is the body’s first defense against heat stroke, headache and upset stomach. We try to stress the importance to the cadets to drink enough water to go to the bathroom at least 4 times a day. Depending on the cadet and how hot it is outside that could be 2 liters of water or 4 liters.

Items not Allowed at Summer Camp

  • Uniforms

  • Electronics with exceptions of cameras

  • Markers (permanent or Washable)

  • Knives or any other weapon

  • Perfume and cologne

***** If any of items are brought they will be confiscated and there is a chance that they will not get it back *****

  • Makeup and Jewellery will be confiscated once cadet gets to camp, but will be given to them prior to the dance Friday night
  • Money will be confiscated once cadet gets to camp but will be given back prior to departing camp on Saturday
  • Cadets will be allowed food on the buses to and from camp, but once they get to camp the food will be confiscated and NOT returned. This is to reduce the amount of mouse and other animal activity.
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