Common Questions

Will cadets be able to phone home?
No, they will not. There is only one payphone at camp that is reserved for emergencies and camp business. There is also no cell phone service at camp.


Will the cadets be getting dirty?
Absolutely! Please pack clothing that you would not be upset if it gets paint, food or dirt on.


Will the cadets need money?
They will not need money at camp, but will more than likely need it for the trip to and from camp. Once they get to camp we will confiscate the money they do have and label it in a Ziploc bag and give back to them when they leave.


Why do the cadets need water shoes?
With sailing and canoeing there can be many sharp edges in the boat that can cut toes and feet. We ask that cadets wear shoes whenever they are on the water to protect their feet.
     - You can use store bought water shoes or old sneakers.
     - We DO NOT allow sandals to be used for water shoes as they do not fully protect the feet.


Will my cadet have to do all the activities?
Yes, all the cadets will have to try all the activities at least once, unless there something that is physically restricting them.


Where is camp Saskadet?
Camp Saskadet is located on Round lake just south of Green Water Provincial Park. Round lake is about 30 minutes north of Kelvington, Saskatchewan.


Can they bring cameras?
Yes, they can bring a camera; we just ask that the cadet hand it in to their divisional officer during the evening. We have a strict no cameras in the barrack/washroom rule.



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The Navy League of Canada Saskatchewan Division